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Choosing the perfect getting-ready space can drastically impact the overall experience of your wedding morning. Here are four must-haves to consider when searching for your dream getting-ready space…

4 Getting-Ready Space Must-Haves

4 Getting-Ready Space Must-Haves



As a bride, your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable occasions of your life. Every detail matters, including the space where you choose to get ready with family and friends. Choosing the perfect getting-ready space can drastically impact the overall experience of your wedding morning and set the tone for the rest of your wedding day. Here are four getting-ready space must-haves:

1. let there be light

Good lighting is essential for any getting-ready space. Natural light is a bride’s best friend when it comes to achieving flawless makeup and capturing stunning photographs. Look for a space with large windows (floor-to-ceiling windows are the best) or a well-lit room that allows plenty of natural light to flood in.

Soft, diffused light will ensure that your makeup looks flawless both in person and in photos. Avoid dark-colored rooms and harsh fluorescent lighting, as it can cast unflattering shadows and distort colors.

2. Space to Breathe

The getting-ready process is often filled with excitement, laughter, and the occasional pre-wedding jitters. To ensure a relaxed atmosphere, choose a space that offers ample room for you, your wedding party, family members, and your hair and makeup artists to move around comfortably. A crowded and cluttered space can lead to stress and can be hard to keep tidy for photos. 

TIP: Consider the dimensions of your getting-ready space. For example, if you’re thinking about getting ready in a hotel suite, ask for the actual square-footage of the room. Some rooms are called “suites” but are really just a standard room – certainly not large enough to host your entire wedding party, hair and makeup stations, and multiple wedding vendors rotating in and out of the room all day.

As a general rule, you will never regret having “too much space” on your wedding morning, only overwhelmed by having too little. The more space, the better!

3. Accommodations for Your Beauty Team

On your wedding day, your team of hair and makeup artists arrive in the morning and begin setting up. It is crucial to consider their needs and ensure they have sufficient work space and resources to work their magic. Look for a getting-ready space that provides ample table space (think large dining room tables), plenty of room for services, great air conditioning (it can get warm very quickly with lots of people + hot hair tools from your stylists) and and plenty of electrical outlets. Consider that your makeup artists and hair stylists will each need their own spaces to set up.

Adequate table space is especially important (side tables and coffee tables won’t cut it) to ensure your beauty team has plenty of working space for their tools and products. While most pro makeup artists arrive with their own, portable lighting equipment, a well-lit area with plenty of windows will provide more even lighting overall and be ideal for pictures.

TIP: If you’re realizing a room you’ve already booked might not be able to accommodate your party, consider switching to a conference room, or book multiple adjoining rooms instead.

4. Aesthetics & ambiance

It may go without saying, but the aesthetics and ambiance of your getting-ready space play a significant role in setting the mood for your big day. Choose a space that aligns with the feel of your wedding and your style. Whether it’s a charming hotel suite, a luxurious penthouse suite, or your family home, the surroundings should make you feel beautiful and at ease.

Remember that whichever environment you choose will serve as the backdrop for all of your getting-ready photos. Consider the decor, color scheme, and overall atmosphere of the space to ensure it truly complements the vision you have for your wedding.

The Best Getting-Ready Spaces in Downtown Cleveland

If you’re looking for a getting-ready space in downtown Cleveland, here are a few of the top hotels (with beautiful, spacious suites) that I highly recommend:

1. Hilton Cleveland Downtown (The Chairman Suite & The Rockefeller Suite)
2. The Kimpton Schofield (The Presidential Suite)
3. The Ritz Carlton Cleveland (The Presidential Suite)
4. The Westin Cleveland (Lakeside Penthouse Suite)
5. Spacious, multiple-story AirBNBs / Vrbo rentals are another great option!

Determining your getting-ready space must-haves is an important decision that can drastically impact your overall experience and the quality of your photos. By prioritizing good lighting, ample space, and accommodating your hair and makeup artists, you can create a serene and enjoyable environment on your special day. Remember to consider aesthetics, ambiance, and personal touches to make the space uniquely yours. With the right getting-ready space, you’ll start your wedding day on a high note, feeling relaxed, beautiful, and ready to say “I do.”

Have more questions about finding the perfect getting-ready space for your wedding day? I’m happy to guide you through the process let’s chat!

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4 Getting-Ready Space Must-Haves


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